He happens upon a billboard while driving that reads...

Peaches, engineered for your taste!
Only 10 miles!

Mildly intrigued, the driver decides to check out what this means. "Engineered for my tastes, what bullshit!", he says.

Driving for the next couple miles, he finally comes across the turnoff to the restaurant. He parks, gets out and enters. The cozy atmosphere catches him if guard, and he is greeted my a grandmotherly figure.

She spills her usual rhetoric:

"Welcome to our restaurant, where we have engineered peaches to become everything and more! Using genetic engineering, we have been able to make peaches taste like nearly anything you can think of! "

The truck driver, doubting all the bullshit he had heard so far, decides to ask for a steak dinner. The old woman doesn't miss a beat and asks how he would like the steak, and which two sides would he want.

He says in a disbelieving tone, "Medium rare, mashed potatoes and cornbread"

The old woman jots this down and tells the trucker it will be a few minutes, then promptly heads to the back towards the kitchen.

After about ten minutes she come out of the kitchen holding a plate with the steaming peaches...

Nothing else, just peaches...

This is set down in front of the trucker, the old lady nods, smiles and leaves. Curious, the trucker decides to try one of the peaches. He picks up the peach labeled steak and takes a big bite...

Immediately, he tastes what seems to be the best steak he has ever tasted. Juicy, flavorful, even a slight charred flavor.

He then tries the mashed potatoes peach. Buttery, garlicky, perfectly spiced.

The cornbread peach next, just amazing.

As the trucker is marveling upon what he has just experienced, the old lady notices that he is finished with his meal and asks what his favorite dessert is. He tells her that he had always loved creme brulee. Once again the old lady doesn't miss a beat, jots it down, and heads to the kitchen.

Yet when his dessert came out, it was not carried by the kind old lady, but an old man.

He approached the table, set down the last peach, and started talking...

"Everything you have tried tonight has been my life's work. Any taste can be replicated thru my method, which i have developed over the last 40 years. Everyone thinks the billboard is a joke, but you actually gave us a shot."

He was then momentarily silent, before producing another peach from his pocket. He scanned the room looking for his wife, the old lady, and then whispered...

I have a peach I've been developing, that tastes exactly like pussy. Would you like to try it?

Fuck it, why not, thought the trucker.

He grabbed the peach from the old man, took a huge bite, and immediately spit it out.

This tastes like shit!!!, said the trucker

The old man just replied, "turn it around."
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