Heaven is reaching maximum capacity on their inhabitants. The Angel at the door tells everyone that he can only let them in if they had a tragic death. Three men line up to try to place.

“What’s your story?” The Angel asks the first man, who looks utterly devastated.

“I swear my wife was cheating on me,” he replies. “I get home from a long day of work and my wife is in bed naked. I get furious, running around the apartment to catch the man who banged my wife. I find him, naked, hanging off my balcony. I grab my trusty hammer and start hammering at his fingers until he falls from my apartment. Then I threw my fridge on him. It was all too much to bare and I had a heart attack and died.”

The Angel stares at him baffled, before clearing his throat. “That was pretty tragic... okay, I’ll let you though.”

The first man happy goes though the gates of heaven and the next man steps forward.

The Angel asks him, “your story can’t be worse than that, can it?”

The second man nods before starting, “there I am, butt naked, standing outside my apartment on the balcony in complete bliss. I lean over the rafters to get a good look at the streets below me, but I must have leant too far because I fell. I managed to grab onto one of the balconies below me but a deranged man runs up to me and starts hitting my hands with a hammer. I fall to the ground, hurt, but not dead. He then proceeds to throw a fridge on me, and now I’m here.”

The Angel does a double take, shocked at the mans story. “O-okay,” he stammers, “you can go though too.”

The man descends into the heavenly gates and the Angel stares at the last man who is grinning from ear to ear.

“What happened to you then?” He asks.

The man places his elbow onto the Angels table with a confident stance.

“Picture this,” he says, “I’m in a fridge naked.”